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New Event Schedules are up and posted at Events.


Happy New Year, Lumina RO! What to expect?

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Limited Time Code until January 2, 2020 only

Redeem in Promo Code NPC at the center of Prontera


Dear Players,

It's been awhile since we had posted an update for LuminaRO. Most of the staffs and I, took a break that started last Christmas up to December 31, 2020. We are now officially back from the hiatus.

Christmas Recap :

Last December 27, 2020. The final kill logs of the Christmas Event was 122,400 monsters killed in the Christmas Event which is equivalent to $1,224 donation to selected hospitals in the Philippines to where it is needed the most. This was already sent and made donated with the names of the players contributed to that amount.

Server Development Update :

LuminaRO had been standing since August 2020 and stable up to now. Servers that opened the same time as LuminaRO are already closed, and we can assure you that LuminaRO will still live up to the decade goal that we wanted to achieve. We also would like to apologize for our short upbringings especially during time of the events, and related. We promised to be better this coming new year to a new perspective of managing the server.

What to expect in the next maintenance?



The next maintenance is scheduled to be on January 5, 2020. What changes do we expect from the maintenance?


  • Name Change System
  • 50+ New Hairstyles for Male & Female sprites
  • Card Merger NPC
  • Recharge related;
    • Automated Recharge Bonus instead of waiting for a staff to claim.
    • Accumulation Points of Donations, this is a separate currency that you can use on a different shop.
    • Recharge Denominations.
  • New Quest Items and Headgears.
  • Release of Major Instances
    • Endless Tower (100 Floors)
    • MvP Ladder (39 MvP's)
    • World Boss (Finally)
    • Infinite Space Instances (Strong MVP's included with a higher card chance not less than 1%)
    • Monster Dojo Instance
  • Introduction to Ragnarok Battle Pass (More details will be posted)
  • Solo Migration Package will be introduced with rewards.
  • Class Guide NPC's for new players.
  • New War of Emperium schedule to cater all time-zones during the weekends and also introduction of WoE Second Editions.
  • Guild of the Month and related events introduction starting January 2021.
  • Issues & bugs fixes.

Staff Team

  • We will have a new set of Game Masters to cater new generation of players this new year.

Events Timeline for the first week of January

  • Boss Time Attack: Season 3 | January 2, 2021 to January 8, 2021.
  • New Year Gathering Events & Poring Event
    • January 2 to January 5, 2020. (Time Schedules will be posted)
  • 10vs10 Guild vs Guild Event | January 10, 2021.


Lumina's last message to everyone this 2020

We, the Game Masters, Developers, and I, thank all of the players who had supported LuminaRO all these time through up and downs of the server. We will strive to make the server better and playable this year of 2021.

If you are reading this message, whether you are a new player or a veteran player in LuminaRO, you are part of our Family. This is not only our server but this is everyone's server.

See you all in this amazing new year to come.. Happy New Year, and to more porings to kill this 2021!




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