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New Event Schedules are up and posted at Events.


Server Changelogs: December 19, 2020

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  • Battlegrounds
    • Added new Battleground mode, Team Deathmatch.
    • Team Deathmatch is similar with KvM Mode, only that the points are race to first 20 kills.
    • image.png.6c12913770bab24a115aa19b934ddb34.png
    • Minimum players to start is 3vs3. This is added to the rotation of the modes.
    • Fixed issue with MvP/Mini cards working inside Battlegrounds.
  • Demihuman Dummies added to Newbie's Hall (@hall)
    • image.png.c2dabb78e090c4d204f7261f43df264c.png
  • Added War of Emperium and King of Emperium broadcast notification in-game.
    • Removed @go usage commands during King of Emperium.
  • Limited Time Events
    • NEW! Pet Gacha NPC: Week 1
      • PetGachapon.thumb.jpg.efc4ade11a80cccf92a479bf32e54b30.jpg
      • Players may try their chances in Pet Gacha NPC below the Lottery NPC.
      • Rates & Informations are displayed in the NPC.
    • NEW! Spirit of Christmas Event (December 19 to December 28, 2020)
      • image.png.9801886b1f18bb5019be7bfadb943ce9.png
      • More event information and prizes will be posted in a different thread, we will summarize the event poster here.
      • This is a limited time Christmas Event that involves farming of materials.
        • Prizes you can obtain are exclusive during the Christmas Festive Season with exclusive costumes and items.
        • Santa Gacha NPC that will exchange your materials will be available on December 20, 2020.
      • Normal Monsters Drops:
        • Red Stocking #7034 70%
          Wrapping Paper #7614 70%
          Wrapping Lace #7174 70%
          Donation Shards #50002 0.10%
          Lumina's Fragment #50158 0.05%
          Christmas Limtied Scroll #50468 0.10%
      • Boss Antonio will respawn every 20 hours and it is a plant based MVP. Meaning all your damage will only merit 1 damage to the monster. Antonio loves to teleport too...
        • Red Stocking #7034 100%
          Wrapping Paper #7614 100%
          Wrapping Lace #7174 100%
          Donation Badge #50004 70%
          Christmas Limtied Scroll #50468 100%
          Lumina's Event Token #50001 30%
          Mystical Card Album 12246 0.50%

      • For every 100 monsters killed inside the event area will be $1 donated to charity this Christmas.

    • All Donations have 20% bonus starting today until December 26, 2020.


  • Added Mercenary Rental Shop NPC. Located below the Event Token Shop at the center of Prontera.
  • Fixed Issues with Warper NPC with wrong coordinates and wrong map codes.
  • Boss Time Attack NPC are now NO MVP/MINI CARD zone. This is to have a fair, and intense competition. New Season will start on December 20, 2020.



  • gospe.gif.479510c8aa19d1f2bd8d327a8cce88c9.gifGospel will now reset and will no longer stack upon re-log. It will be completely reset once you character select. There may be food buffs that will be affected with these changes.




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