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Server Changelogs: December 9, 2020

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December 9, 2020 Server Changelogs


Limited Time 13911.gifChristmas Scroll Event

Where to get them?

  • Obtainable in Donation Luxury NPC
  • Battlegrounds Consumables NPC
  • PvP Points Shop NPC
  • MvP Points Shop NPC
  • Daily Recharge (Free Bonus Daily)

What do you get from the scrolls?

High Tier

  • Costume Wings of Michael
    • image.png.04522fa46e93784faee9b554d1c9f34f.png
  • Dragon Cintamani Hat
    • cd137ca9d8cf8aa4ee618c47afddd80a.gif
  • Nidhoggr's Wig
    • 6dceeef6357ebd43e3d67563bd00a990.gif
  • Queen Anne's Revenge
    • image.png.0ed675de9cd7934cd32d9ed64f758cd0.png
  • Rabbit Knit Hat
    • 8f0c661302cfb73a3c69cf561020f60f.gif
  • Shining Santa Poring
    • 5033551a87b813679996081a4abaad3c.gif
  • Twinkle Little Star
    • spacer.png
  • Costume Spell Circuit
    • spacer.png
  • Starlight Set
    • XMAS001.gif
  • Noel Set
    • XMAS002.gif
  • Snowflake Set
    • XMAS004.gif

Middle Tier (Preview will be available in the Event Thread that will be posted later)

  • Poring Traffic Light
  • Costume Tone of Gold
  • Worg in Mouth
  • Drooping Dorasuke
  • King Poring Hat
  • Mini Tree J
  • Monk Crown
  • Santa Poring Cap
  • Two Tone Beret
  • Sleep Eclipse Family
  • Warm Cat Muffler

Item Tier

  • 1x Elite Siege Box
  • 2x HE Bubble Gum
  • 1x Old Card Album
  • 1x Mystical Card Album
  • Convex Mirror
  • 2x Enriched Elunium
  • 2x Enriched Oridecon
  • 5x Guyak Pudding



  • Lumina Ragnarok Online is now officially Episode 13.1: The Beginning of the Underworld.
  • War of Emperium
    • War of Emperium Rewards had been revamped once again. After WoE ends, Guild Leader of the winning guild should receive 1x Guild Salary Package. All items are tradeable so you can distribute it to your members.
      • 15x Bank Note (1M)
      • 15x Old Card Album
      • 15x War Badge Box (200)
      • 15x Glory Badge Box (200)
      • 100x Potion Box
      • 15x Donation Shard Box
      • 3x Bloody Branch
      • 15x War of Emperium Credit
    • War of Emperium Participation is now fixed. Players who had participated for 30 minutes during War of Emperium will receive 1x Participation Box.
      • 4x Hourly Potion Box
      • 200,000z
      • 1x War of Emperium Credit
      • 100x War Badge
    • There will be NO MORE SHOWERS for winning guilds after War of Emperium as we had revamped the rewards to cater automated and to avoid commitment delays.
    • Daily Guild Supply implemented in @woe area. Only Guild Leaders, and registered Guilds can claim in the NPC.
      • Current Guild Supply Daily is 15x Potion Box that you can distribute with your members.
    • Added @woe command to be redirected in the WoE Area Section.
  • Battlegrounds
    • Capture the Flag and Flavius Mode added back to Battlegrounds Mode.
    • Capture the Flag changes:
      • When user is holding the flag, it can no longer consume any items or skills.
      • Flag Holder will now drain its hp.
      • This is a beta phase changes, if there are bugs please let us know.
    • Healer NPC in Battlegrounds Area will now dispell Berserk Status.
  • Party Level Settings has been turned back to 20 range levels.
  • Added back the Level Notifications for Level 50 and Level 99.
  • Newbie's Hall (@hall)
    • Level Progression Rewards NPC's are relocated here for Level 50 and Level 99.
    • Newbie Guides are also available
  • Daily Attendance System updated for December 2020.
    • After
    • Exclusive Rewards:
      • 1 to 4: Consumables
      • Day 5: 1x Premium Subscriber Ticket (3 days)
      • 6 to 9: Food Boxes
      • Day 10: 1x Costume Ticket
      • 11 to 14: Donation Shards
      • Day 15: 5x Miracle Tonic
      • 16 to 19: Christmas Limited Scroll and Bloody Branch
      • Day 20: Exclusive Raven Wings
  • December Freebies are now available in maintown!
    • Free Costume and Consumables!
    • Event Duration December 9 to December 3, 2020.
  • PvP Maintown cooldown adjusted from 0 secs to 35 secs upon entry in the circle.
  • Mobbing Feature
    • Increased cell recalculation (previously 3 cells) to 30 cell. This is why the mobs were changing cell target when players hide.


  • Gathering Mission NPC
    • Removed Rough Elunium and other materials that have 10% percentage.
    • Fixed issue with rotation every reset of server time.
  • Added Promotional Code NPC this will be used for events and prizes that the Game Masters will send. Can be used for compensations, events, and etc.
  • Daily Rewards
    • Daily Rewards NPC
      • Added 1x Food Volume Box (+3 foods) that players can claim daily.
      • Removed Battleground Items.
    • Premium VIP Daily Rewards NPC
  • Top Emperium Breakers NPC statues now available at @woe. It will show rankings for Top 1, 2 and 3 respectively.
  • Top MVP Hunters NPC statues now available at the left side of Prontera near the Mall Area.
  • Removed Battlegrounds Items in Daily Rewards NPC.
  • Added 1x Lumina's Fragment daily in Premium VIP Rewards NPC.
  • Added Tool Dealer at Mora. (@go 31)
  • Battlegrounds Shop NPC headgears and costumes can now be previewed.
  • Added Blank Scrolls to Tool Dealer in @mall. Mage Tools category.
  • Hunting Missions NPC re-adjusted monster requirement to kill from 40-70 range to 20-40 monster range.
  • War of Emperium Shop NPC has been updated with prizes. (@woe)
  • King of Emperium Shop NPC has been updated with prizes as well. (@koe)


  • Hourly Potion Box renamed to Potion Box.
  • War of Emperium Credit will now stack with each other.
  • Fixed issue with Bright Fury not giving the refinement bonus. It should now take effect.
  • Changed King of Emperium Badge sprite to not be the same as Lumina Event Token.
  • 1186.gifDeath Guidance (NERF)
    • Reduced Perfect Dodge from 20 to 10.
    • Reduced Area of Effect from 11*11 to 6*6 and damage from 100% to 10% while regaining 10% worth of lifesteal.
    • Refine Rate +9 or higher
      • Area becomes 10 * 10, and you will do 20% damage to the area while you regaining 20% damage worth of HP.


  • Removed Halloween Limited Scrolls in MVP's.
  • Fixed issue with beach_dun warper currently warping players to bugged cells in beach_dun2.
  • New Fields prior to Episode 13.1. (These are available in Warper NPC except MVP Area)
    • Bifrost Fields
    • Splendide Field
    • Manuk Field
    • Karmidal Mountain
  • New Monsters prior to Episode 13.1 (You may check www.ratemyserver.net for more information about them)
    • 2132.gifPom Spider
    • 2133.gifAngra Mantis
    • 2136.gifLittle Fatum
    • 2137.gifMiming
    • 1992.gifCornus
    • 2773.gifLuciola Vespa
    • 2047.gifNaga
    • 1995.gifPinguicula
    • 1987.gifCentipede
    • 1988.gifNepenthes
    • 1998.gifHillslion
    • 2637.gifTatacho
    • 1999.gifCentipede Larva
    • 2092.gifDolomedes
  • New MVP's
    • 1990.gif.f9736eeb9ee91cb214fcc0e69d01ac5b.gifHardrock Mammoth spawns at Manuk Field Level 3. Every 240 minutes.
    • 1991.gif.8f0d83422260b18e88bd7ba1724e22f0.gifTendrillion spawns at Splendide Field Level 3. Every 60 minutes.
    • HP's for the following MVP's are doubled.


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