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Server Changelogs: February 7, 2021

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872px-Android_robot.thumb.png.1583785426a01e4bd44fcbe9443d97b6.png Upgraded Android Client Changelog

NOTE: Players may need to re-download the new APK. The Old Client will no longer work after this release.


1. Character Creation Interface Updated


2. Chatbox Navigation made easy.


3. Inventory & Equip Tab made simple and clean.


4. Major Skill Fixes


5. Using shorcuts are now easier and efficient for mobile.


6. Skills & Stats made simple and clean.


7. Better NPC Interface and the like


8. Settings and Configurations made clean


To be added soon;

  • Autoloot Icon
  • Daily Rewards Icon


  • NEW! 6070.gif.3ee430a616bdd50e6c824a224a822467.gif MVP Blueprints
    • New exclusive feature about MVP's. MVP Blueprints are exclusive dropped by each MVP. Each MVP have a unique blueprint that you can craft for an exclusive headgear. Drop Rate is fixed at 10%.
    • image.png.4043120b08695fcfddf403c9f26e992f.png
    • NPC can be found by going to the Quest Area or @quest.
  • NEW! Added Hairstyles for Male & Female sprites.
    • hair1.PNG.60975b08d661801b0df6d69a7591199c.PNGhair2.PNG.02c4e400a121aa79ec615d438ac8700e.PNG
    • Do take note that some hairstyle colors will only work from up to #127 in Advance Stylist NPC.
    • 70 new custom hairstyle for Male, and 74 new custom hairstyle for Female.
  • NEW! February 2021 VIP Headgear of the Month
    • C Survey Cape
    • spacer.png
  • NEW! February 2021 Free Items of the Month via Daily Rewards (Attendance).
    • image.png.e9cdf0ede3b845f8490342ee6fcd676b.png
    • Day 1 to 4: 1x Elite Siege Box
    • Day 5: Bloody Branch
    • Day 6: Gym Pass
    • Day 7: Lumina's Fragment
    • Day 8 to 9: 50x War Badges
    • Day 10: Premium Subscriber Ticket (7 days)
    • Day 11: Neuralizer
    • Day 12: Premium Reset Stone
    • Day 13: Yggdrassil Berry Box (10)
    • Day 14: Name Change Coupon
    • Day 15: Bayonet (Weapon Cosmetic - Rogue Class)
    • Day 16 to Day 19: 3x Donation Shards
    • Day 20: C Gangster Scarf (Black)
    • spacer.png
    • Day 20: C Gangster Scarf (Black)
    • spacer.png
  • NEW! Automated Event Rotation
    • automatedevent.PNG.c893919a5195899853fbec70fe1a670f.PNG
    • Fabre Punch Event
      • 1618367743_fabrepunch.jpg.89b67941bac1ccc4066f21fb3a6ac401.jpg
      • Prizes: 10x Mini Game Credit for the winner
      • Consolation: 2x Advance Siege Box
    • Bomb Poring Event
      • image.png.6504facacb517a7beafbcf6b6828dfb5.png
      • Prizes: 5x Mini Game Credit, and 2x Advance Siege Box.
      • Multiple Winners Allowed
        • Temporarily removed events;
          • Disguise
          • Cluckers
  • NEW! Instances
    • Daily World Boss
    • Daily Devil Square Instance
    • Endless Tower (6 days cooldown)
    • Mini-Endless Tower (Removed)
    • The following instances will formally start rotating on February 8, 2021. This is so everyone can prepare for the following.
    • Guides will be posted in a seperate thread.
  • War of Emperium
    • All castles will now reset to follow a new WoE System.
    • This will be discussed in a seperate thread.
    • War of Emperium and KoE will resume on February 13, 2021.
  • Battlegrounds
    • Queue restrictions reverted back to 3vs3 at minimum for all modes.
  • Donation
    • Daily Donation Recharge has been adjusted and revamped.


  • UPDATE! NPC's that will be updated at the same time tomorrow at 06:00 UTC | 12:00 PM GMT+8 due to item script issue.
    • Battleground Headgear
    • Battleground Costumes
    • Battleground Supplies
    • Quest Items
    • February New Donation Costumes
    • Event Token Shop
    • MVP Shop
    • WoE Shop
    • Hourly Rewards
  • PvP Rankings NPC has now been resetted.
  • NEW! Mini Game Shop NPC
    • @joinevent for more info.
  • The following NPC's will be temporarily unavailable;
    • Card Gacha NPC
    • Lottery NPC
    • Pet Gacha NPC
  • Adjusted price of changing hairstyles from 15,000z to 50,000z in Advance Hairstylist NPC.
  • Hunting Mission NPC & Gathering Missions NPC are now officialy back.
  • Added Utility & Missions at Mission Boards NPC.
    • image.png.d4c5592b0b043b58f32068e07c419b63.png
  • Card Recyle NPC re-adjusted location at @mall.


  • NEW! Automated Event Currency: Mini-Game Credit
    • image.png.9720ac64bbeaedd5f81f06137dca895b.png
    • New currency obtained from participating automated events.
  • NEW! Added 7814.gif.2b0d1677019d6d42959fb2e66f6aa28b.gif3rd Class Rings, and jRO Alternate Class Rings. These items can change your current class to its new class version.
    • preview.png.840a194ad942e1acbaf6c91170268c1e.png.070aafcea77d1b70a5e5a70f740ee119.png
      • The one in the left side are the 3rd Class Ring, while the one in the right are the Alternate jRO Class Rings.
      • Costume Effect Rings: Maximum HP +3%.
      • Do take note that, 3rd job and extended skills does not work. This is purely a cosmetic item.
      • jRO Alternate Class Rings may have color palette issues when changing clothe color. We advise to make it default.
      • These items can be found in Donation Luxury NPC.
  • 20154.gif.6fe59f8cbcd4410fbe57e6157fb72801.gif C Falling Maple Leaves equipment location re-adjusted from Middle Headgear to Lower Headgear.
  • Fixed issue with C Heavenly Dark Flame that was reverted back. It should now be in Costume category.
    • Added costume effect: 'Increase resistance against Fire property attacks by 1%'.
  • Fixed issue with 18644.png.c5b6497cf126034489eddcecdacc966c.pngPaperhand Model not giving base LUK bonus.
  • Fixed description issue with 9022.png.7803617c701a260d85ae4f07de3b6ee7.png Green Petite Egg. It should now give ASPD +1.


  • 1779.gif.ec11e1c615967f381d011baa0a1eb701.gif Ktullanux now spawns every 300~310 min in ice_dun03. Tombstone were also added for the said MVP.





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