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November 28, 2020 - ANDROID Client Changelog

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Hello, Dear Players.

We had updated our Android Client.You can overwrite your current Android Client version by just downloading again here; http://srv2.roworkshop.com/apk/298/LuminaRO.apk

  • Attempt to fix the "Unexpected end of stream" error during download.
  • Support for 0xae2 packet, fixes compatibility with latest rAthena with attendance enabled.
  • Fixed npc dialog "close" button being initially visible even when no "close" packet has arrived. 
  • Fixed not requesting permissions to external storage before changing client dir to external storage.
  • Fixed random errors for players in a party for certain packet versions. -
  • Fixed auto complete nickname for private messages in chat not showing names menu (was hidden behind soft keyboard). -
  • Crash fix when tried to read a resource with size=0.
  • Attempt to fix possible crashes when viewing invalid item links.
  • Fixed crash when monster drops an unknown item.
  • Fixed guild flags couldn't be targeted.
  • Fixed palette crash for unsupported classes. 
  • Stability improvements. 
  • Attempt to fix crash related to servers using NPCs with PC sprites.
  • Fixed Mercenary AI error.

If you play in Android, your version should be v298.


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