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    IGN: Lifted Spirits 🎃Title🎃: A worthy sacrifice to the lords of the Demon World... 😈
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    IGN: Not Moon Title: There's something creepin in the shadows .. Did you see it?
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    ♡ IGN: Medic ♡ Title: It's Alive!!
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    IGN: Lecture Title: I thought I was included in the coven...
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    IGN: Renchu Title: Not all ghosts scares ya. Some secretly watches over you.
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    Are you up for the challenge? Deadline of Entries: November 21, 2020 @ 06:00 Server Time -0- When? November 22, 2020 @ 14:00 Server Time Where? Dragon Ball Z - Arena Event Mechanics: 1. Maximum of 7 players in 1 team. No duals. 2. Strictly, GvG Event Zone. 3. Each Team will fight in a Double Elimination Tournament Format, it will have Upper Bracket, and Losers Bracket. 4. Spectators allowed in the event area. Event Rules: 1. Usage of MvP and Mini-Boss Cards are prohibited. 2. Trash-talking will merit an instant dis
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    IGN: Mrs G Title: Streets during Halloween. *trick or treat*
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    Team name: THE ALANGANINS Party name: TINIMBANGKAMINGUNITKULANG 1. UtherPendragon 2. Small Wonder 3. ExtraRice 4. Tripp 5.Genkaku 6.Handra 7. Ethel Bomba UPDATED TEAM:)
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    IGN: UtherPendragon Title: My my my my CORONA!
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    IGN: Imitatia Title: Welcome To Australia
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    Team name: IKR Party name: IKnowRight 1. Stefanoo 2. Pasta 3. The Love Doctor 4. qaqo ka 5. Pari ng Tondo 6. SAPAKIN KO MAMA MO 7. TitanGel
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    Team Name: WB1 Edward Newgate T w i g l e t Panjing Staff C r e a t o r Z A w i t Pining
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    team name:Team Red party name :los many pakiao Never Back Down Finne chupopotorico solotengogospel Oblivion Freeze tetaloco
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    In-Game Name: SGxChamp Title: Cursed Zombie Parade
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    In-Game Name: Creator Title of Your Screenshot: Fear not the spirits; but those with flesh and bones. P.S. Read the chat
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    Team Name: w4u Party Name: w4u Member : player 5 player 6 player 10 player 11 player 12 player 22 player 24
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    IGN: Clown of Wonder Title: Trick or treat? 🤬
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    Server Update: November 18, 2020 ----------- Party Size Limit adjusted from 12 to 25. Fixed issue with /spin emoticon. War of Emperium Adjusted WoE Vision Cell Limit to maximum of 12 cells. (Applies to War of Emperium only) Players with no guilds are now automatically kicked inside the castle. Added EXP Rest Bonus System Feature The Rest Bonus is a feature that is there for those people who cannot play all the time. For every second that your character is offline, a Rest Bonus Pool will increase in size by 20 Base Experience Poi
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    IGN: Ikaros Title: Happy Halloween LUDEmina!!!
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    IGN: A z w r a i t h Title: Graveyard 👻