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  4. December 2, 2020 -0- DUE TO A LOT OF CONTENTS IN THIS PATCH, WE ARE MOVING EPISODE 13.1 THIS DECEMBER 5 ,2020. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. - THERE ARE SOME NPCS AND INSTANCES THAT WILL BE LOADED ON DECEMBER 3 AND 4. IT WILL BE ADVERTISED INDIVIDUALLY TO HAVE EVEN HYPES FOR EACH. -0- War of Emperium Changes Guild Capacity Limit is now 15. Added WoE Shop that exchanges for WoE Credits. Shop located at the upper side of Prontera. WoE credits are obtained for 20 minutes of participation during WoE. Cast
  5. Hopeless Romantic

  6. Hello, Dear Players. We had updated our Android Client.You can overwrite your current Android Client version by just downloading again here; Attempt to fix the "Unexpected end of stream" error during download. Support for 0xae2 packet, fixes compatibility with latest rAthena with attendance enabled. Fixed npc dialog "close" button being initially visible even when no "close" packet has arrived. Fixed not requesting permissions to external storage before changing client dir to external storage. Fixed random er
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  8. November 27, 2020 - Server Changelogs (03:14 ST) Server Settings Party Settings reverted back to normal, it should no longer have the ghost members. - Party No Level Gap is now in effect for 1 week. - Server rates adjusted for the following- Card-Based 20.00x / Treasure 20.00x / @rates to verify. Quest Headgears Wind Milestone Parade Hat Aries Crown Aries Diadem Cancer Crown Cancer Diadem Virgo Crown Virgo Diadem Donation Quests Triangle Rune Cap Event Token Quests Shop Gigantic Majestic Goat (DEF)
  9. UFC Fight Night: 1vs1 Champion Edition ------------------- Event Details November 29, 2020 | 04:00 Server Time (@time) Event Map: UFC Arena Event Mechanics Players are dispelled upon entry. Map will allow spectators. Tournament Format Double Elimination (Twice to beat, Grand Finals) Upper Bracket Matches: Best of 3 Lower Bracket Matches: Best of 1 Grand Finals: Best of 3 (Twice to beat, Upper Bracket advantage) Disabled Items Yg
  10. Upper Bracket : Best of 3 Lower Bracket : Best of 1 Grand Finals: Best of 5
  11. Team name: RIP Stevie Party Name: Rip Stevie 1. Full Metal Imitation 2. Sunshine Cruz 3. PanTsu 4. Tochi Heal 5. Cello 6. Zaite 7. Pink Waifu
  12. Lumina Ragnarok Online is Amazing!



  13. Team name: THE ALANGANINS Party name: TINIMBANGKAMINGUNITKULANG 1. UtherPendragon 2. Small Wonder 3. ExtraRice 4. Tripp 5.Genkaku 6.Handra 7. Ethel Bomba UPDATED TEAM:)
  14. IGN: UtherPendragon Title: My my my my CORONA!
  15. IGN: Imitatia Title: Welcome To Australia
  16. ♡ IGN: Medic ♡ Title: It's Alive!!
  17. IGN: Lifted Spirits 🎃Title🎃: A worthy sacrifice to the lords of the Demon World... 😈
  18. IGN: Not Moon Title: There's something creepin in the shadows .. Did you see it?
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