Patch Notes 11/18/2020

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Server Update: November 18, 2020



  • Party Size Limit adjusted from 12 to 25.
  • Fixed issue with /spin emoticon.
  • War of Emperium
    • Adjusted WoE Vision Cell Limit to maximum of 12 cells. (Applies to War of Emperium only)
    • Players with no guilds are now automatically kicked inside the castle.
  • Added EXP Rest Bonus System Feature
    • The Rest Bonus is a feature that is there for those people who cannot play all the time. For every second that your character is offline, a Rest Bonus Pool will increase in size by 20 Base Experience Points. Once you login again and kill a monster, for as long as you have XP in your Bonus Pool, you will get up to double Base Experience Points from that monster. The maximum amount of XP you can save up is about 1 week's worth. This Bonus Pool is specific to each character. Job Experience is unaffected by the Rest Bonus.
    • added @restexp to check your current/remaining xp rate.
  • Battlegrounds
    • [Flavius] Increased HP of Camp Guardians from 5,000 to 50,000.
    • [Rewards] If match ended up with a draw, it will now give 10 badges per team instead of nothing.
    • [Rewards] Happy Hour Schedules will now give x2 badges rate.
    • [Rewards] Every 5th win in Battlegrounds will now give 1x Battleground Reward Box and 1x Advance Siege Box.
  • Training Grounds will now kick non-novice characters back to maintown.
  • Damage Testing Zones implemented. NPC Location: Left side of maintown.
    • image.png.bd730ef8454b9297485da9e75b46f647.png
  • King of Emperium
    • Reduced time from 45 minutes to 30 minutes duration.
    • Disabled MVP & Mini cards inside the area.
  • Mini Endless Tower Instance updated
    • Floor 20: Ifrit, Pharaoh, Incantation Samurai
    • Floor 25: Valkyrie Randgris, and Wounded Morroc.


  • Rental NPC added for new players. Rental Coins are exclusively for new players only, it is automatically given when claiming Solo Freebies. Rental NPC's are located at the center of maintown.
  • Fantasy Race & Elemental Race NPC price adjusted for reverting back to human essence from 5,000,000z to 100,000z.
  • Build Manager NPC will now ask for confirmation when using Neuralizer and Premium Reset Stone.
  • Quest Shops NPC will be updated today at 10:00 Server Time.
  • Added 2 Headgears at Hourly Point Exchange NPC.
    • Glory Ball Hat
    • Soccer Ball Hat
  • Added Headgears at Donation Headgear NPC.
    • Lunar Rainbow
    • Flying Galapago
    • Satanic Chain
    • Book File Hat
    • Bright Fury
    • Cat Ear Beret
    • Moon Rabbit Hat
    • Ministrel Song Hat
    • Power of Thor
    • Noah Hat
  • Added Headgears at Donation Costume Headgear NPC.
    • C Classical Ribbon
    • C Shelter Wing Ears
  • Added Headgears at Event Token Shop NPC.
    • Gigantic Majestic Goat (ATK) will be updated at 10:00 Server Time today.
    • Gigantic Majestic Goat (DEF) will be updated at 10:00 Server Time today.
    • Flying Angel Wing
    • Archangel Wing


  • 5376.gif.694b1dc8caf197a04d97ac0299277223.gifFlying Evil Wing is now slotted and should be available in Donation Headgears.
  • Golden Muffler crafting price adjusted from 17,500,000z to 1,750,000z.
  • Removed October Surprise Egg in Donation Luxury.
  • Golden Silk Robe are now wearable by Acolyte/Priest Class.
  • Reduced weight of the items in Hourly Potion Box.


  • Fixed 1785.gif.1778b2392eb5b975dcb36a6e2fbb83dc.gifArrow Shower issue not affected by ac_vulture.gif.5baefe8f8468e356d203ea4d81ae79b1.gifVulture Eyes skill.


  • Increased spawn rate in Moscovia Dungeon Level 1.
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