Patch Notes 11/10/2020

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Upcoming Event 11.11


The new quest items and donation items will be implemented this day, 20 hours from now upon writing this announcements.

  • Prepare zeny for exclusive headgears!
  • Donation Items Sale
  • 30% Donation Bonus starting November 11, 2020 at exactly 11:11 Server Time (UTC) for 3 hours only.



November 10 to 17, 2020



1. War of Emperium

  • Guild Limit is now officially 25 members. Exceeding members inside WoE will be kicked instantly and automatically.
  • Schedule Changes
    • Saturday - 14:00 to 15:00 Server Time (@time)
    • Sunday - 05:00 to 06:00 Server Time (@time)
  • War of Emperium Rewards Changes
    • Castle Winner of the scheduled day will have a Private Poring Event. Includes (Event Tokens, Special Headgears, etc as prizes)
    • Guild Chest will be refreshed on 11/14/2020 with revamped rewards.
    • Daily Castle Reward NPC in the Castle. Claimable by the Guild Leader starting 11/14/2020
    • Guild Supplies Package will be sent automatically to the Guild Leader that includes Guild Member's Supplies Box of all kinds.
  • All Guilds that will participate WoE will receive War of Emperium Ratio Box that can be sent only to your members. These are supplies that may serve as your backup consumables.

2. King Of Emperium is now officially implemented and will run in these schedules;


  • Wednesday 13:00 to 13:45 UTC (Server Time)
  • Friday 05:00 to 05:30 UTC (Server Time)
  • Saturday 05:00 to 05:45 UTC (Server Time)
  • Sunday 13:00 to 13:45 UTC (Server Time)
    • Rewards will be posted in the Information Tab starting in first KoE Schedule which is Wednesday.

3. @duel cooldown adjusted from 60 minutes to 2 minutes.

4. Find The Mushroom Automated Event monsters are reverted back to normal and should no longer be 1 HP. (Mushrooms affected)

5. Attendance Rewards adjusted to Day 1 for everyone to re-claim all the rewards. Duration of the Attendance Event will be extended.

6. Pop-up notifications for Automated Events are now removed.

7. Players Maximum Cell View adjusted to 15 cells only.

8. Fixed issue with Mobbing Feature. Monsters should no longer lose aggressive status randomly.

9. Assassin Class should now be able to wear Arrows.

  • image.png.5c9b1737b3c81a8fcaf5c61bd0b95cce.png

10. Fixed Issue with Archer Class when changing equipment removes the equipped arrow.

  • 857d83f26649df44bdb83eee80739b59.gif

11. Archer Class Maximum Range is now fixed at 14 cells.

12. Battleground Happy Hours are now adjusted during the weekends not to run at the same time with War of Emperium.

13. @packetfilter command is now installed and implemented. This may or may not work as this was freshly installed in preparation for the next War of Emperium.

  • Usage of this command will filter equipments, etc that will players have a smooth gameplay during War of Emperium or Battlegrounds.
  • image.png.8c5bc5729b83b9326f72d6cd37568b63.png  @packetfilter to open the menu, and tweak your settings for your convenience.


1. Socket Enchant NPC's will now allow 2201.gif.356bffa81d5289a0bc7b9639c296326e.gifSunglasses [0] to be slotted at Class S category. You may check the NPC for more information.

  • Payon, Prontera, Lighthalzen, Morroc, and Morroc Ruins are updated as well.
    • m40009_0n.jpg.28d4505ff91574dc49cb5297c77da4b8.jpg

2. Golden Equipment NPC

  • Added a description in information that it will have a chance to break for clarification.
  • Fixed Golden Clip equipment class wrong that is currently in Garment Class. It should now be for Accessory.

3. Tool Dealer NPC is now updated to all towns. It should now be the same as the main town Tool Dealer NPC.

4. Added 15 new weapon costumes in Donation Costume Weapon NPC.

  • Marble Edge (Mace)
  • Sagittarius Bow (Bow)
  • Yoyo Bow (Super Novice Blade)
  • Bayonet (Knife)
  • Golden Peacemaker (Gun)
  • Enchanted Shuriken (Ninja)
  • Death's Dance (Katar)
  • Elucidator & Dark Repulser (Katar)
  • Twin Slicers (Katar)
  • Sacred Shield (Shield)
  • Dragonbane (Spear)
  • Overlord Staff (Staff)
  • BrightKiller (One-Handed Sword)
  • Keyblade (Super Novice Blade)
  • Flarewhip (Whip)


1. Fixed 509.gif.c262b926dd8a8539e1f0a95a14cdc083.gifWhite Herbs & 510.gif.0c5d441cb3d487dffe37367159c86061.gifBlue Herbs weight restrictions.

2. 644.gif.7b347e11f5840b803868ab8b3dc9793b.gif Gift Box should no longer give Gift Box as chance when opening.

3. Fixed 2131.gif.5ef3b050cffbea53a888eb0511859218.gifMagic Bible description error. It should now match the official description.

4. 7773.gif.abf0f5417493a3d9c6fb753c5b6853df.gifBattleground Items & Equipments are now storage-able instead of character bounded.

5. Added 13037.gif.5dedf8f40b7cbb60da249f0a097a05f2.gifValorous Damacsus in Battleground Weapon Shop, Valorous Category.

6. Fixed issue with 5464.gif.a0e0b954ddb2a8d629fa6010c2bf0f95.gif Zaha Doll Hat slot issue. This item should not have slot.

7. 7619.gif.658035f848eefd2f28c6f71343f74058.gifEnriched Elunium and 7620.gif.1e138309d8f8127b143275a3fbdca2dc.gifEnriched Oridecon are now tradeable.

8. Fixed 12715.gif.f147984be98b8a0edf8531449617e01e.gif Battleground Reward Box and 16304.gif.2cf3992c93fc2c95dba78d63768a551f.gif Halloween Limited Scroll getting nothing upon opening. It should now show a textbox when getting zeny as reward.

9. Lumina's Beginner Costume equipments can now be sold to NPC.

10. Fixed Issue with 18666.gif.e54cca59e467e266c95757810ebf5b38.gifCD in Mouth description and script error.


1. ac_shower.gif.558f56616bf925ad704706bfc14b04ab.gifArrow Shower will now cast the official range and will no longer exceed range.

2. Following Skills will now affect user in WoE/PvP/Battlegrounds and should not affect them in PvE Modes.

  • All Trap Skills
  • wz_quagmire.gif.da6a4160f6be16596b4b94aaa85ea27b.gifQuagmire


1.1708.gif.aa77944a5868f6399742cad1e841f530.gifMemory of Thanatos HP adjusted to follow x2 Server Based MvP HP. (891,320)

2.1785.gif.0edb132656061f5d5c11b2a2daad1d44.gifFixed issue with Atroce respawn time issue in all maps and should follow official time.

3.1734.gif.20550343dcf7c109edb77c7ba6134dc5.gif Fixed issue with Old Card Album drop rate of Kiel D-01 to follow official rate.

4. prt_sewb1.gif.3a4df310e96b7b8d18e920ac5eaca684.gif  Fixed Culvert Map monster respawn issue that reverted back to normal instead of x2 spawn.

5. Reduced monster spawns in the following maps;

  • Jupe 1/2/3
  • Kiel Dungeon 2
  • Abbey Dungeon 2
  • Abyss Lake 3



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